Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance

Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance
Escape to a romantic period where love endured, grew, and flourished despite a Civil War.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Excerpt for a Southern Spring

Excerpt for A Southern Spring
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Christian Contemporary Romance

Ashton tried to make the trip back from the Gulf in livid rain and howling wind. It tore through the treetops making him shiver. He made it out of the main part of the Gulf into the bay and breathed a sigh of relief.
He headed for the canal that would take him back to the bakery. It was the one used by fishermen. The canal slithered by dark and greenish brown with shady, moss-hung cypress, pines, and oaks, with the Spanish moss whipping in the wind like long gray beards. It flowed like a fast-moving snake ready to devour everything in its path, strong with a powerful purpose. The deep, dark color beneath tree boughs eerily added to the illusion and mystery of the stormy weather.
The vicious viper of a mean canal crashed around camps, businesses, and homes. He kept his eyes peeled in case anyone was stranded, but saw no one. The roaring river brought some camps down and filled others with powerful surges of the muddy water.
The Gulf was the most important resource in their lives, but it could also be deadly. The community earned its living through fishing and other avenues of resources it offered such as charter fishing, airboat rides, tour boats, and shrimping amongst other ways. As much as the people loved the Gulf of Mexico, they couldn’t help but be leery. Canal banks overflowed from time to time, and he knew it would happen again and again. Yet, he was home on the bayou and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else or doing anything else for a living. It was his culture, his way of life.
 He voiced his thoughts to the wind with no one to listen to him, but God. “We cling to our way of life and refuse to give up our ways of earning a living through these great bodies of water.” The wind swirled and took his breath away. “The size and grandeur of the Gulf of Mexico with its vast openness exhilarates me when it’s a beautiful sunshiny day, but in weather like this it becomes vicious and dangerous.”
He knew he was talking to himself just to hear a voice. Not another soul was to be seen. “Yep, but year after year, we continue to keep going, and we’ll have it no other way even if there are narrower bodies of water that seem more protective because you can swim from one bank to another. This is home to us, and it will always be.” He glanced around again. “Looks like the boys have evacuated this area. I don’t see anyone.”
A submerged log loomed ahead, and Ashton failed to see it until it was too late. With the wind howling and the canal full of crashing waves, the boat capsized and hit a huge pine tree. It wasn’t long before the shrimp boat started sinking. Ashton lay on the deck of the boat knocked out cold.

 Blurb for A Southern Spring

The sparkle and glitter of the publishing world puts stars in a young girl’s eyes that threaten to make her miss God’s will and calling. Will Rosalie Primrose Patterson discover things that glitter, sparkle, and tempt are not gold before she loses Cade Ashton Carpenter? Will she find her true heart’s desire and God’s will?

When nature threatens to steal Ashton from her, Rosalie puts every crisis in God’s hands and refuses to give up on him. Can love survive the obstacle course placed in their path? She wants a Baptist wedding in her uncle’s church, but he’s Catholic.

Variables shape her life until she has an epiphany and discovers what’s really important, but will it be too late? Her heart has a home, an ally in her heavenly Father.

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