Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance

Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

He Wants me Dead by Marion K. Bullock

He wants me Dead by Marion K. Bullock is a great eBook released June 15, 2011, by Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc. about special education students laced with romance and suspense. If you've ever taught Special Education, you'll enjoy this story about James who says his well-educated brother is trying to kill him and wants him dead. The teacher and her class are isolated on the third floor of a burning school when James proves he's no coward, and he cares about others. Joanne Sharpe is a teacher who has tried her best to persuade her principal that the resource room shouldn't be on the third floor, but she's new to the school and no one listens to her. No one listens to James either. Will Joanne find romance with the father of one of her students or the brother who is supposed to want James dead? Will James prove he's smarter than anyone could have guessed and become a hero, or will he merely remain a pawn in his brother's hands and end up dead? Can Joanne make a difference despite the challenging problems that face her at the high school, or will the person who's playing cat and mouse with her set a trap she can't escape? She's followed when she walks and even when she drives for dinner to an invitation from another teacher. Joanne sets out thinking she can handle the problems she'll face, but it isn't long before they surmount, and she realizes she can't do it all alone. Joanne has always worried what she and her students would do if they had to open the third-floor windows in a hurry. Her greatest fears fester as the flames fume. Now, she doesn't want to find out.

I highly recommend this engaging novel of teaching, love, courage, mystery, and suspense and give it five stars. I look forward to reading more books by this engaging author.

This engaging novel is available through, Barnes and, and Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc. Also available wherever fine eBooks are sold.