Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance

Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance
Escape to a romantic period where love endured, grew, and flourished despite a Civil War.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dogwood by Chris Fabry - Reposted Book Review

Dogwood by Chris Fabry is a book that emotionally tugs at the reader's heart strings, one of my favorite summer reads. Will Hatfield was my favorite character, a man who takes the blame for crimes he didn't commit, taking the burdens of others on his shoulders,like Jesus.

After spending years in prison,an innocent man whom his hometown condemns,Will returns to Dogwood, West Virginia, and refuses to give up on the woman he loves, Karin, even though the people in the town hate him. While the town harshly judges him and tries to entice him to leave, he struggles to build his dream home, even though the woman he desires to share it with has settled and buried any dreams she's ever had. In a desperate fight for his life, dreams, and the woman he loves, the character Will demonstrates true love in action. This was my first time reading a book by Fabry, but it won't be my last. He writes with a passion for life and love, and I didn't want to put the book down until I finished it. I couldn't wait to see what happened to Will and Karin. While she was unlikable at times, I couldn't help liking Will throughout the entire novel and wanting to see him overcome the many obstacles life threw in his face.

Monday, December 28, 2009

My Anchor is Jesus

For a brief moment, I saw a glimpse of my old shopping partner. A smile played at the corners of her lips, and she said, “I remember the time we spent five hours shopping in Hammond after you got off work. You bought me a gold angel pen and a few other items.”

Transported by sweet, precious memories to another time and place, I remember one of the treasures in my life, my youngest sister, who spent Christmas with Jesus this year. Jesus is the anchor in my world of heartache and pain. When I remember lost loved ones,I remember Him and what He did for us when he suffered on the cross for our sins. Because he loved us so much, He gave His life for us, so we could be saved and blessed with eternal life and see our loved ones again.

Bits and pieces of conversations from the past float through my memories as I recall the lives of my sister and my mother. As the old year ends and the new one begins, I treasure a Christmas of the past, one when we were all together. And, I treasure this year's Christmas celebration with my two sons and their families. My son snapped a picture of me holding Bethany's hand when we were walking back from visiting the Sandhill Cranes. Bethany is my youngest grandchild. The breeze blew back my long tresses as I walked, and I noticed a hint of the girl I used to be smiling at the camera.

These days are all precious hidden treasures that fly as quickly as Sandhill Crane airplanes. I savor each moment and each memory and thank God for the short, but precious visit, as I hold tightly to my treasured anchor, Jesus, the author of my life story.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Two Sons

The highlight of my Christmas this year was the visit by my two sons and their families. I so enjoyed seeing them and the grands. My grandchildren were astonished with the Sandhill Cranes, birds they'd never before seen. They loved their visit to Disney's Magic Kingdom, the flea markets, putt putting, and riding in a race cart. The only problem was the precious time flew away just as quickly as my feathered friends. My sons headed home, and I woke up missing them for coffee the next morning. I found myself thinking this morning at 7 AM, that this time last week, they were just arriving, and we headed for breakfast at the Golden Corral. As I perked my French Vanilla Dunkin Donut coffee this morning, I couldn't help but look at the two coffee cups that were used along with mine last week, coffee cups that'll not be used for a long time, since no one drinks coffee but me. I touched the red bird on the coffee cup Scotty used and thought of how he stood in the door of the RV and watched me feed my feathered friends. Like me, he had to get pictures of them. And, like me, he said he likes to watch animals. I guess he gets it honestly. The cup Rodney used had a wild duck on it. Christmas is over and with it, all the joy and anticipation of knowing I'd soon see part of my family again, but I thank God for the opportunity I had even if it was a short visit. I felt lonely and relived our time together in my mind. I didn't get to see my two daughters, only my two sons. Now, I pray the Lord works a way for me to see them all this summer, and I thank God for sweet, precious memories. I looked at the Merry Christmas 2009 book my son, Scotty, made for me. He was so smart and crafty to make it. I have pictures of our time together in it and pictures of their trip to Disney. It's one of the best Christmas gifts I received.

My daughter-in-law, Becky, and my son, Rodney, supplied me with facial creams and lotions to last me until next Christmas. I love them, too. Scotty and Melissa gave me a gift card, and I used it to purchase a set of stainless steel Farberware pots. But, it's not the things I received that made Christmas special. It's the people I got to see and enjoy. Rodney and I cooked dinner one night together in the kitchen, and I'll always remember. I also received a scar on my right hand from a burn when he fried turkey that always be a reminder.

Most of all, I remember the reason for the season and thank God for His precious son, Jesus Christ, whom he gave to save us all, so we could enjoy eternal life with Him. I'd hoped to visit the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, but we didn't get to. My daughter wants to go when she makes it down, and it'll be a great mother/daughter experience together. I look forward to her visit. Don't forget to take the time to remember and treasure sweet memories. Most of all, make many more. You'll live on through memories. How do I know? I carry my father, mother, and youngest sister with me in my heart, though they make their home in heaven and spent Christmas with Jesus.

Blessings and sweet, precious memories.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Mystery of the Cross: Bringing Ancient Christian Images to Life

Have you ever pondered the mystery of the cross? Judith Couchman's new book The Mystery of the Cross: Bringing Ancient Christian Images to Life provides answers curious minds will want to devour. Forty chapters divided into seven parts explore signs and symbols of faith. The story of Jonah, favored from the Old Testament, and Noah, Moses, Abraham, and Daniel are illustrated. God's ability to deliver his spiritual children are illustrated through images. Popular redemptive images contribute to the overall theme in remembering the Old Testament.

The back cover states, "At the center of Christianity, sits the cross of Christ," and explains how from the beginning, Christ's followers valued the cross as a symbol of their faith. The author describes forty images of the cross from early Christianity and deciphers how the most favorable stories from the Old Testament had a redemptive message. Understanding of Christian tradition will be enriched, as well as deeper appreciation for the cross.

Values in God's Kingdom are not of this earthly world, like power-hungry, power-grabbing people clawing their way to the top. The book points out that Jesus invites us to live in an inverted world, where the first shall be last and the last, first.

I enjoyed reading the many mysteries of the cross and learned so much that I hadn't a clue about before picking up this amazing book. It'd make an excellent Christmas gift and provide the kind of gift that keeps on giving, Jesus. The book may be purchased at local bookstores, online booksellers, or the Inter Varsity Press website at for the retail price of $17, but many sellers offer discounts. The author's blog is and her Facebook page is www.facebook/judithcouchman.