Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance

Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance
Escape to a romantic period where love endured, grew, and flourished despite a Civil War.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years!

On this day of reflection with 2010 ending, may you have a wonderous, blessed, and safe New Years! Just a short post to pray for this for all my Facebook friends and family. I've added a few new pictures to my blog. One is of three of my children who are Saints fans, in more ways than one I might add. Another picture shows all four of my children one Easter when they were young, the way we were then, sweet, precious memories. Thank God for those days and memories.

As we ring in another year, I hope yours will be filled with such sweet, precious memories. Spend it making them and thanking God for them. For us writers in the group, life provides experiences. And, for the readers, more to read about.

I've had a few Facebook friends inquire and ask advice about writing. Thus, my shared posts and one on an article I wrote some time ago. Let God guide your hearts, minds, and writing.

May God bless us all and the new year!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Introducing New Literary Website

Hightlights of a new literary website "Clash of the Titles" COTT, where authors submit short excerpts of their novels and readers vote on their favorites. Here’s a quick look back at Clash of the Title's first two months of life.

On October 18th, COTT launched it's first Clash featuring Susanne Lakin's Someone To Blame and Shannon Vannater's White Doves, with Susanne's excerpt taking the crown for Best Hook, Contemporary. And our first two drawing winners were Katie Johnson and Beth Farley.

Reader Quote of the Week: "Both are well written excerpts! I'd love to read both books. I can see that I'm going to be hitting Amazon a LOT because of COTT"

Queen of Hearts by K Dawn Byrd, and The Stones by Eleanor K. Gustafson sparred in round 2 of Best Weather Description during week 4. One for the memory books, COTT had it's first TIE with both books declared victorious! Our drawing winners were Mary T Williams and Joanne Sher.

November 15th ushered in a special double-feature week of Blurb Battles. Janalyn Voigt and JoAnn Durgin went head-to-head, with JoAnne's Awakening crowned the conqueror. Margaret Brownley and Jody Hedlund also climbed into the ring with Margaret's A Suitor For Jenny declared victorious. Readers Edwina Cowgill, Deb Haggerty, Jill Fortner, and Dan Smith all won free books!

Thanksgiving week gave us the chance to highlight a couple of honorable mentions. Erin Rainwater's The Arrow that Flieth by Day went up against Deb Kinnard's Seasons in the Mist and won. Ashley Mott was also a winner- she won the drawing for a copy of Deb's book.

December turned our thoughts toward the holidays and we went looking for the Most Touching Christmas/Winter Scene. Rachael Phillips' Ride Me into Christmas, and Shawna K. Williams' Orphaned Hearts gave us the warm fuzzies. Orphaned Hearts won the match, and Clare Revell and Linda won the drawing this week.

In all, we featured 20 authors and gave away 19 free books! Wow!

We’ll feature two Conversion Scenes that will touch your heart.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of our exciting Clashes!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Win Two Free Books by Michelle Sutton!

Go to the above link to enter a contest to win two free books by Michelle Sutton, but hurry the contest ends today!

Other authors are also giving away free books!

Read an article I wrote on Michelle Sutton's blog about healing hearts at:

The Girl Who Could Fly: Can you fit the Mold?

The Girl Who Could Fly by Virginia Forester, copyright 2008, ISBN 1429986360, published by Feiwel and Friends features Piper McCloud, a girl who has the exceptional ability to fly. She is born to an old-fashioned country couple who believe in doing everything the traditional way, so she's flown by helicopter to a government facility where she is supposed to get the help she needs to become normal. Dr. Hellion, the beautiful and soft spoken administrator of the institute I.N.S.A. N. E., claims to be the only one who can help such exceptional children. And, this special place is supposed to be the only place these children can live in comfort. She tells them they have no place else to go. The best of food is lavished on them for ulterior motives. But, the worse punishment torments them when they don't follow code. There's even a machine to mold them when all else fails. It doesn't take Piper long to realize that punishment and consequences at the Institute are far worse than any she would have ever received back on the farm.

Piper and Conrad Harrington, another student at the facility Piper thinks is just a spoiled rich kid, team up to plan an escape when Piper discovers Dr. Hellion's true colors. Piper has a heart of gold and nearly loses her own life when she refuses to leave the others behind and fly away with Conrad.

The writing style is similar to my own regarding a particular book I wrote over a decade ago. Some of the phrases and language and the way Ma talks remind me of my own novel, and the way my mother spoke using certain phrases. One of the characters has the name of one of my main characters in my novel, but the story told here is its own.

I laughed and cried my way through the story that illustrates how we shouldn't judge the book by the cover, no pun intended. Dr. Hellion was beautiful and well dressed on the outside, but showed no true feelings or emotion. The reason why is discovered at the end of the tale. On the other hand, Piper wasn't what people expected her to be, and she was institutionalized to try to conform her and make her become what others thought she should be. But, Piper had feelings and emotions and others mattered to her. If you've ever felt out of place or had others not want to have anything to do with you because you were different, weird by their standards, you'll identify with Piper McCloud and root for her. If you feel God made us all as unique human beings and that we shouldn't be carbon copies of one another and be expected to be cookie-cutter models, you'll love this novel. Your heart will go out to each child with his or her own special God-given talent or gift, the ones they were not supposed to use.

It will rip your heart out when a cricket Piper helps saves his only song just for her. You know when an author can make you cry over a cricket, she can write. This book showcases the problem of conformity in society and illustrates the fact that if we were all carbon copies, it'd be a pretty dull, boring world. The ending has a surprise that makes sense and allows us to see how and why Dr. Hellion became a robot of a person.

I give the book 4 stars. It's available in ebook format for the Kindle or Nook at Amazon or Barnes and It's also available in paperback and hardcover.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Heal Your Heart with In Plain Sight by Michelle Sutton

In Plain Sight by Michelle Sutton is a Christian inspirational suspense novel published by Desert Breeze Publishing. Twenty chapters lure you into a well-developed plot where the main character Jovana struggles to overcome her past. Abused and abandoned by a former boyfriend, who left her on the street to die, she loses her unborn child.

Jovana relocates to Arizona where she works in a diner and meets two handsome men. Roadblocks of learning the English language and being confused with idioms are minor setbacks compared to inner struggles with her faith as a new, "baby" Christian and learning to accept the love of a good man.

Will she choose Kurt, a flirting customer, or Randy, the diner's manager? She feels more comfortable with Kurt, because she doesn't feel she's worthy of Randy, her boss. When Laney and Bojan, her brother, (from previous novel Danger at the Door) go to Paris for their wedding, Jovana and Randy are thrown together. Bojan asks Randy to stay with Jovana while they're out of the country. Kurt keeps phoning her and has his own plans for Jovana. Will she ever see through him, or will she rebel against her brother's protection as she did as a teen?

This novel's characters come alive for the reader. Both outer and inner conflicts provide a light suspense, and the short book packs a powerful punch when Jovana's ultimate decision and choice of men determine her future on earth and in heaven. The author spins a tale that has the potential to be life-changing. It's powerful story unlocks keys as to why people act certain ways and can be an instrument to aid understanding that will enable others to reach out and lend that helping hand that is so desperately needed, or at least be able to understand.

With In Plain Sight, the author weaves a tale of romance and redemption. I loved Danger at the Door, the first book, but this novel was even better. I highly recommend both being read one after the other for the most impact. You get to know and love the characters from the first book and continue to read about them in the second for a powerful experience.

Both books are available on Kindle at or Nook at Barnes and, where I purchased mine for only $4 something each, and they're well worth it. They may also be purchased through the publisher Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc. These novels are fast-paced, hook you within the first chapter, and make you want to finish the story. I found it hard to put them down once I started reading and wanted to continue straight through. Discover another world, another culture, and live other characters' lives through the pages of these excellent five-star novels.
Visit Michelle Sutton on Facebook or at She's an avid reader and writer and has a "Healing Hearts" book review blog at Let her powerful books heal your heart!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Danger at the Door by Michelle Sutton

Danger at the Door by Michelle Sutton is a Christian inspirational suspense novel published by Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc. and released August 1, 2009. Laney Cooper captures your heart from the beginning. She's lost everyone she's ever loved in car accidents and fear has caused her to become a recluse. She's afraid of riding in a vehicle, driving one, and of loving and losing again.

Thirty-two chapters keep you turning the pages as you experience the healing of Laney's heart as she discovers a new interest in the least likely of places and jobs--Bojan, a pizza delivery man who turns out to be much more. Danger at Laney's door appears in more than one way. There's the danger of falling in love again as well as true physical danger when it comes knocking on her door multiple times.

Hooked early, I nearly read the novel straight through and didn't want to put it down. It's the first one I've read on my new Christmas present, a Nook, and I didn't want to put it or the Nook down until finished. I enjoyed the author's writing style and laughed out loud as well as shed a few tears. This book touched me emotionally, and I enjoyed reading about a different culture than my own. Laney and her new interest have a difficult time communicating, since he's learning the English language and idioms cause misunderstandings between them and afford the reader great laughs.

Bojan is an unusual hero--he's strong through Christ and says he could not love a woman who was not a Christian. Yet, he's compassionate and even sheds a few tears. He turns to prayers to seek God's help in times of need. The author weaves scripture, prayer, and romantic suspense to spin a tale that has the potential to be life-changing. I eagerly devoured the novel, because I truly loved it. This novel shares more than one Christian message, and I'd classify it as a Christian novel. It's a quick, easy, fast-paced read. A special touch is the use of Chihuahuas who add to the story in their own unique way.

The ISBN number is 978-1-936000-32-6, and you may purchase this riveting novel at Amazon or Barnes and, where I bought my copy, or through Desert Breeze. It's available on Kindle or Nook, and an inexpensive read. I've also purchased a sequel, In Plain Sight, so look for the review of it soon. Danger at the Door stands alone, but the next book picks up on another character's story. I rate this novel as a five-star review!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Trials of Today: Treasures for Tomorrow by Janet Perz Eckles

Book Review
by Barbara Robinson
Trials of Today, Treasures for Tomorrow: Overcoming Adversities in Life
by Janet Perz Eckles

Truly amazing Janet Eckles, completely blind, but with more insight than most sighted people, has written a true jewel within the pages of Trials of Today, Treasures for Tomorrow: Overcoming Adversities in Life. With more personal crosses to bear than most, like the loss of her sight and her son, Janet’s book is inspiring, encouraging, and courageous, like her. She has taken her trials and turned them to treasures for the glory of the Lord. Janet is bubbly and full of joy, a spectacular speaker and gifted writer.

Her nonfiction book takes you on a journey of discovery, as she learns to put her faith and trust in God. When she put Jesus first, He blessed her and turned her life around. If you’ve ever lost a loved one, don’t miss how she deals with her loss. Discover the good news and blessings she has to share. Find out why good people suffer and discover how God uses the bad things that happen to good people for good. Though blind, you'd never know it to meet her. Her book describes how she puts on her own makeup and does her own nails without sight, but even more awe-inspiring is the fact that she never worked when she was sighted, but found the position she was meant to serve in once she lost her sight.

Just as she does in person, her book will evoke strong reader emotions and make you laugh and cry. While sad, it resounds with the joy that overflows from Janet upon meeting her and turns her cross into triumph to truly serve and glorify God while helping others. Don’t miss the journey of a lifetime, Janet’s lifetime, as you turn the pages of a book you won’t want to put down.

Her book makes a wonderful Bible study group guide and Part III of the book actually contains such a guide with thought-provoking questions designed to enhance the spiritual journey.

Published by Xulon Press in 2004, the book may be purchased through Amazon, Xulon, and other book stores. It is a beautiful paperback well worth the reasonable price of $12.47 at Amazon. ISBN number ISBN1-594674-36-1. Visit and get your own copy while it’s on sale! This book will make a wonderful gift for people in your life who are dealing with the loss of loved ones or other obstacles in life.

A Rag Doll Christmas

"Just what do you think you're doing? That doll was meant to be your Christmas present." Mom stood in the door, and her eyes shot sparks. It was a couple of days before Christmas. She'd been busy with company, and I'd decided I couldn't wait.

I was caught red-handed standing on a chair pulled up to the closet, but I quickly shoved the doll back into the bag and placed the blankets on the top shelf over her. "Sorry, Mom."

"And you should be. You know I can't afford anything else, and now you know what you're getting for Christmas." She turned and stalked from the room. I climbed down and placed the chair back by the bed. Disappointed, I'd planned to slip the doll back into the closet and not let Mom know I knew what I was getting. I hadn't meant to ruin her surprise. And, it was just like her to get some sort of doll. I should've known without even having to look.

Mom's voice rang from the adjoining room. "Now, it won't be a surprise."

"At least sissy will still have one." It was my turn to stand in the door and eye her "I love her. I'll still be happy on Christmas morning. I can't wait to get her."

Mom glared for a second. "Seems you can't wait for anything." Then, her face softened. "It's just that I wanted our first Christmas without your dad to be special." Dad died when I was only four years old on Christmas Day. It's only been a year. The way I looked at it, this one had to be better no matter what. It couldn't get any worse than the last one, could it?

"Curiosity kills the cat, you know."

"What?" I glanced at Mom, but she laughed. "Forget it."

"I guess it killed the Christmas surprise this year." I hung my head.

Christmas morn I found a stocking with fruit and candy, the rag doll stuck in the top. When I look back upon that morning, I call it my rag-doll Christmas, because that was all I got that year.

It wasn't until I grew up and had children of my own that it dawned on me just how much I'd spoiled the holiday for Mom. She only received a small social-security check once a month after my father's death. As I look back with an adult's eyes, I realize how hard it must have been for my mother who always tried her best to make ends meet and make our Christmas special. But, she had me for a daughter, a curious little tomboy of a girl who always managed to find some way to spoil every surprise she planned. I blame it on my love for mystery, of course, but I now realize how disappointed she had to have been. She wanted to watch her young daughter open her Christmas gift with wide-eyed surprise and wonder. I just never had the knack for being surprised, since I couldn't wait long enough to let anything be one.

Now, I realize I missed a lot of fun that way, and you really do remember surprises more, but that's one rag-doll Christmas I'll never forget. Like memories, good surprises are to be cherished, and they're so much more fun. But the greatest Christmas gift of all is sweet Jesus, and He's one surprise I didn't find too soon.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Perfect Life by Robin Lee Hatcher

The Perfect Life by Robin Lee Hatcher, copyright 2008, published by Thomas Nelson, is 298 pages of inspiration for couples whose daily lives are interrupted with roadblocks that threaten to derail a marriage right off the tracks. Katherine Clarkson is living her dream life, married to a well-respected handsome man with two grown daughters preparing to make her a grandmother. She has great friends, a good life, and a wonderful ministry. She has it all--until a reporter and a former coworker of her husband's spread rumors and gossip.

Her husband, Brad, has been a loving husband and great father and well respected in the church and community. He started as a construction worker and put his heart and soul into his own ministry to help people who couldn't afford to own their own homes. After selling his construction business, he poured his money and spirit into In Step until accusations of an affair with a former employee and financial impropriety shatter his world and his marriage.

Katherine has spent her life reassuring other women, but now her own words are of little comfort to her. Her perfect life has turned to chaos, and it consumes her until she takes a few days for herself in the mountains. She strives to survive her loss of what she thought was the perfect life and to regain her ability to trust her God and her husband again. One daughter thinks she should divorce her cheating husband; the other stands by her father and thinks he's innocent. What will Katherine decide? The thought runs through her head that if he cheated, the Bible gives her a pass. Her future seems to hinge on that little two-letter word IF, such a big word for one so small.

How can she rebuild her life? She been a homemaker and has no resume history to find a job.

Robin Lee Hatcher has authored over 50 novels and won awards including the Christy for Whispers from Yesterday, a novel I'd love to read. Library Journal named Catching Katie one of the best books of 2004.

I really enjoyed this novel and give it five stars. It reminded me of a time I went to the mountains in Tennesse, a rental cabin, and felt closer to God while I was there, after the death of my youngest sister. It's available at where I've also posted a review. The Perfect Life is available at Barnes and as well, and it may be purchased in paperback or ebook format. I found my copy at a local Dollar Store and jumped on it.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The boy who came back from heaven: A remarkable account of miracles, angels, and life beyond this world

The boy who came back from heaven: A remarkable account of miracles, angels, and life beyond this world by Kevin and Alex Malarkey is a true story, nonfiction, published by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc, copyright 2010. A horrific automobile accident in 2004 impacted the lives of Kevin and his six-year old son, Alex, and changed their lives forever, both physically and spiritually. Alex's survival seemed impossible, and he was thought to be dead on the scene. By a God-given miracle, he survived, but remained locked in a coma for two months. Prayer warriors battled for him, and he awoke with an awe-inspiring story to tell.

He was just a kid, as he himself says in the book, an ordinary one, who went on an extraordinary journey. This book is inspiring, encouraging, thought-provoking and insightful. Alex says he's not amazing, God is. Kevin admitted, "My son couldn't function in the physical world, but it was difficult for me to function in the spiritual world. Who had the greater disability?" This is an eye-opening, insightful quote and my favorite in the book. Hope and faith see this family through their struggles when Alex ends up a quadriplegic and becomes the first child to receive the "Christopher Reeve Surgery." The license plate on their van reads "Wil Walk," as they continue to pray and hope for Alex's complete healing, but Kevin says his faith is not shaken. He understands it's God's choice to heal Alex completely on earth or in heaven.

We've all read stories we've been skeptical about, but one part of this book reminds me of a personal story I wrote years ago, as well as an experience I had, and I've shared with close relatives and friends. I've never been through the agony Alex has, but we do share a very similar experience, so I'm not skeptical, but intrigued, and I know exactly what he is talking about in one of his descriptions. For, I had a similar one in an emergency room years ago. As Alex advises, check skepticism against scripture. Alex and his father say they are not trying to force anyone to believe anything. That is not their job. He and his father are simply sharing their story, and it's your choice to embrace it or not. Don't miss this awesome, life-changing story that eternally impacted their lives in so many ways.

This book is available at Amazon and Barnes and in hardback and on ereaders. It's a New York Times Bestseller.