Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance

Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Caught up in the Clouds

Below is a poem I wrote a while back, just having fun playing with words, but it means a lot to me as a stored treasure of my heart.

Caught up in the Clouds

By Barbara J. Robinson

The Lord will raise the sick and the dead.
They will be caught up with Him in the clouds.
We will meet our loved ones again,
When we meet the Lord in the air.

Won’t you come with me on a journey to another world?
We’ll meet our loved ones there!
No pain. No tears. No heartache. No fears!
Heaven’s a waiting.
Let’s get our tickets and prepare to meet our loved ones there.

We’ll cross over to the other side,
Where pain and heartache cannot abide.
Mom will be cancer free.
Sis will walk.

A golden Cocker Spaniel will be at my side.
New heavenly bodies they will host.
No pain. No tears. No heartache. No fears!
Heaven’s a waiting for you and me.
Just call upon Jesus and ask Him to set you free!

Green valleys, flowing rivers, heavenly hills, and blue sky.
Birds singing, flowers blooming, heavenly smells, and
Our loved ones by our side!
Just call upon Jesus, and you will see,
The son of God can set man free,
Free from pain, tears, fears, and heartache.

Free to prosper with the greatest inheritance of all – eternal life.
With Jesus as your host, your Lord and Savior!
He is certainly the host with the most!
Remember, all the trophies of this world will mean nothing,
When you reach Victory Lane,
And receive the one most important victory of all,
The Crown of Life.

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