Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance

Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance
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Friday, July 17, 2009

My Youngest Son

I've written a story about Rodney, too, but I haven't posted it here, since it's a full story I hope to publish one day. We're at Wendy's for Christmas in this picture, taken a couple of years ago. Rodney loved to tinker with old bikes and cars growing up, and he grew up to become an auto mechanic until he switched to AC repairman. He should be getting the business as hot as it is. My oldest son says he's been fixing them right and left. Both boys know how to work on vehicles and ACs. Scotty, the oldest son, also puts down flooring,tile or carpet. I love to write family memories and write about my family. Could use those boys if they lived nearer. Need some remodeling help, and they'd be perfect for the job, but they can't make it until Thanksgiving or Christmas, and it won't wait until then. Besides, they're coming to relax, not work. I can't wait to see them. Miss seeing my family this summer. I usually get to see them twice a year, summer and winter, but I'm not able to this year, since my husband has a new job and no vacation time. I can smell those crawfish boils and backyard barbecues. Miss you guys.


kimberly.reck said...

We miss you too. With Todd being on deployment...I hope that I can make down to LA to see my new baby sister and the rest of the family too. I just have to wait and see if I get this job or not.

Love you

Barbara J. Robinson said...

I always look forward to the summer because I know I get to visit, and it was hard not being able to this summer. I miss all of you, and I hold last summer's visit to Rosedown as a special memory in my heart of a huge, fun-filled family outing.