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Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance
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Monday, December 28, 2009

My Anchor is Jesus

For a brief moment, I saw a glimpse of my old shopping partner. A smile played at the corners of her lips, and she said, “I remember the time we spent five hours shopping in Hammond after you got off work. You bought me a gold angel pen and a few other items.”

Transported by sweet, precious memories to another time and place, I remember one of the treasures in my life, my youngest sister, who spent Christmas with Jesus this year. Jesus is the anchor in my world of heartache and pain. When I remember lost loved ones,I remember Him and what He did for us when he suffered on the cross for our sins. Because he loved us so much, He gave His life for us, so we could be saved and blessed with eternal life and see our loved ones again.

Bits and pieces of conversations from the past float through my memories as I recall the lives of my sister and my mother. As the old year ends and the new one begins, I treasure a Christmas of the past, one when we were all together. And, I treasure this year's Christmas celebration with my two sons and their families. My son snapped a picture of me holding Bethany's hand when we were walking back from visiting the Sandhill Cranes. Bethany is my youngest grandchild. The breeze blew back my long tresses as I walked, and I noticed a hint of the girl I used to be smiling at the camera.

These days are all precious hidden treasures that fly as quickly as Sandhill Crane airplanes. I savor each moment and each memory and thank God for the short, but precious visit, as I hold tightly to my treasured anchor, Jesus, the author of my life story.


Angela Breidenbach said...

Thank you, this is beautiful! So is your beloved dog and those amazing cranes.

God bless,

Wendy said...

That was a beautiful story. You did a great job!

Barbara J. Robinson said...

Thanks, Angela and Wendy!