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Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Review of Thin Places: A Memoir by Mary E. DeMuth

Thin Places: A Memoir by Mary DeMuth is 215 pages of prose and poetry gifted as a spiritual memoir published by Zondervan, copyrighted 2010. Full of figurative language, the book allows readers visual images that make them feel like they're watching the action take place. Parts of it will rip your heart wide open and turn your eyes into rivulets of tears. As she explores her past through writing out her heart, she sees God's handiwork throughout the many hardships and obstacles in her life. Tracing her life's journey through writing allows her to experience God. Mary defines "thin places" as the division fading between this world and the external, times she's felt God at work in her life and knew He was with her.

Thin Places is raw, full of powerful emotions, some of the reading is hard to digest as Mary paints a picture of what it's like for a five-year old girl to be molested. She shares the tough subject of sexual abuse in the hopes others won't feel so alone. She says, "I have a feeling my own journey will help others heal." It takes an author and woman of great strength and courage that can only come from God to tell the tale of the horrid childhood that made her who she is today, God's child, who is loved by him unconditionally.

Much of the book reveals what Mary sees as her personal flaws and weaknesses. Too much negative self-talk takes away from the inspirational message it's meant to deliver. I applaud her for being courageous enough to put her life on the page in stark black and white, but when I first started reading the book, I thought it'd be different. At first, I was really into it and couldn't wait to read further, but it ended up taking me a little longer to complete the reading once I got to parts that were hard to digest. She credits God for saving her by grace, and I know exactly what she means by "feeling" God with her and seeing His hand on her life through it all, but it's not a book I'd go back and reread for inspiration. It's hard to put my finger on, but it's something about the wording that pulls me out of the story.

However, I feel rape victims might relate to the story in a different light. They may find it more helpful and even more insightful. I could see the book being used in a class to help them. While she had a hard life, the most difficult part was the sexual abuse at such a tender age. This book will heal and also illustrate how you might help others going through such a crisis. If you or any member of your family has gone through such an ordeal, you'd want to read this book. You may purchase it through Barnes and or Visit Mary at or If you're in need of a speaker on the topic of sexual abuse, Mary's your gift, and she's a special lady and author. Check out her other books. She has some interesting titles: Watching the Tree Limbs and Wishing on Dandelions, which sound more like my type of book, so read the book for yourself. It may be just the book for you!


Mary DeMuth said...

Thanks for your honest review!

Barbara J. Robinson said...

Mary, I loved parts of it, but it's just not my usual type of book. That doesn't mean it's not a great book, and I feel God will use it in powerful ways to help, heal, and draw others to Him. Thanks for allowing me to read and review Thin Places and for understanding I had to be honest.

Andrea said...

Thanks for the review.