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Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mighty Inspiration: Love Letters From God by Barbara Bernard Miller

Mighty Inspiration: Love Letters From God by Barbara Bernard Miller, a beautiful, hardcover book, is a powerful 15 chapters and 115 pages published by Eloquent Books of New York, copyright 2009. I could actually feel God's presence as I read this amazing book, written as though God is speaking to you, and He is through the words He instructed Barbara to write.

Chapter 3 on Gifts is an encouraging, thought-provoking one. The first lesson is to choose your gifts correctly--for the good of mankind, see God in everything you do, and send Him your cares and worries, so He will send you peace and joy.

Barbara writes with such intensity that you become lost in the words and feel God's presence. At least, I did as I read. Chapter 4 on Joy reveals how all things, even tragic and sad events, provide an opportunity to become closer to God. She never uses the word God in the book and uses only capitalized pronouns like He I, or Me, so I substitute God or Jesus as I read. The book explains why God doesn't prevent all things from happening, because if He did so, He'd take away CHOICE. Choice provides growth and development. This chapter says that learning is lifelong and knowledge is the cornerstone for development. As the book says, "Teach as you learn, and you will be doubly blessed. Seek Me."

Chapter 5 is about passion and reminds me of my passions of reading, writing, and teaching. It says, "Your passion for your gifts will give them power and sustain them in your life." It goes on to explain how we've been given passion for some things and not for others, so our gifts will grow, develop, and be used. According to this chapter, the mind is for imagination and reasoning, and the heart is for passion and belief. Ideas sprout in the mind, but they must be planted in the heart and can only blossom there. God gave us so much power when He gave us the power of CHOICE, but many times we do not realize how powerful choice can be. We do not have the power to change others, but we have the freedom of choice to change ourselves by changing how we think, act, and react. We need our quiet time for reflection. I know this personally, and I value those quiet moments with God and time to pause and reflect. "I weave My messages into the hearts and minds of those who will reach out to Me. They pass the message along throughout the world in those momentary touches with other lives." In this way, we all have the power to make a true difference in the world.

As I read about God's message being woven into minds and hearts, I was reminded of using a weaving loom as a young girl and how carefully I had to weave the brightly-colored yarn to make a product, to make a difference, to make something that would benefit and withstand. As a farmer tills the soil and adds fertilizer to make the ground fertile, we must till our minds and fertilize them with God's Word. Only then, will we experience real, true peace and joy. Only then, can we truly make a real difference.

Won't you let this powerful book speak to you, so you can feel God's love and mercy? It's available at online bookstores, such as Barnes and Noble and, and it has the power between the covers to make a difference in your life, which can ripple through other lives and make a true difference in our world. Check out the reviews. I feel blessed for having read this riveting book, and I pray it will bless many others as it has me. It is also available at Barbara is on Facebook, so you can connect with her there.

About the Author:

Barbara Bernard Miller is a writer and Human Resource Manager for a large corporation. She lives with her two children in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is her first book, and her personal wish for blessings to all who read it and take its message to heart.


Diane Markins said...

Looks really good. I think I'd start with chapter three!

Nan said...

This sounds like a special book. I am sure the author of this book and others appreciate the ministry you have in promoting their work and informing the Body of Christ. You go girl!

Bless you!
Nan Jones

B. J. Robinson said...

Nan, thanks for taking the time to post a comment and for your encouragement! It's sincerely appreciated. Barb

B. J. Robinson said...

Hi Diane, it's a good book. I really enjoyed it and could feel God's presence as I read it. Talk about a great devotional. It makes one! Blessings, Barb

Rita's Random Ramblings said...

Barbara, I look forward to checking out your blog and the wonderful books you feature. This one sounds inspirational, and I would love to read it. Hugs, Rita

B. J. Robinson said...

Rita, yes, this one is inspirational, and I think you'd really enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Blessings, Barb

GABixler said...

Hi, I found this accidentally when I looked the the RR Book cover...I hope you don't mind that I'm sharing it in a more prominent place...LOL


B. J. Robinson said...

Hi, GA, no, of course, I don't mind, and I'm so glad you found it!
Blessings, Barb