Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance

Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance
Escape to a romantic period where love endured, grew, and flourished despite a Civil War.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Heal Your Heart with In Plain Sight by Michelle Sutton

In Plain Sight by Michelle Sutton is a Christian inspirational suspense novel published by Desert Breeze Publishing. Twenty chapters lure you into a well-developed plot where the main character Jovana struggles to overcome her past. Abused and abandoned by a former boyfriend, who left her on the street to die, she loses her unborn child.

Jovana relocates to Arizona where she works in a diner and meets two handsome men. Roadblocks of learning the English language and being confused with idioms are minor setbacks compared to inner struggles with her faith as a new, "baby" Christian and learning to accept the love of a good man.

Will she choose Kurt, a flirting customer, or Randy, the diner's manager? She feels more comfortable with Kurt, because she doesn't feel she's worthy of Randy, her boss. When Laney and Bojan, her brother, (from previous novel Danger at the Door) go to Paris for their wedding, Jovana and Randy are thrown together. Bojan asks Randy to stay with Jovana while they're out of the country. Kurt keeps phoning her and has his own plans for Jovana. Will she ever see through him, or will she rebel against her brother's protection as she did as a teen?

This novel's characters come alive for the reader. Both outer and inner conflicts provide a light suspense, and the short book packs a powerful punch when Jovana's ultimate decision and choice of men determine her future on earth and in heaven. The author spins a tale that has the potential to be life-changing. It's powerful story unlocks keys as to why people act certain ways and can be an instrument to aid understanding that will enable others to reach out and lend that helping hand that is so desperately needed, or at least be able to understand.

With In Plain Sight, the author weaves a tale of romance and redemption. I loved Danger at the Door, the first book, but this novel was even better. I highly recommend both being read one after the other for the most impact. You get to know and love the characters from the first book and continue to read about them in the second for a powerful experience.

Both books are available on Kindle at or Nook at Barnes and, where I purchased mine for only $4 something each, and they're well worth it. They may also be purchased through the publisher Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc. These novels are fast-paced, hook you within the first chapter, and make you want to finish the story. I found it hard to put them down once I started reading and wanted to continue straight through. Discover another world, another culture, and live other characters' lives through the pages of these excellent five-star novels.
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Michelle Sutton said...

Wow, your review really inspired me. So you can see why I loved In Plain Sight even more? My heart always pounds wjen I read this story because it delves so deep into her heart and into Randy's. He was the ultimate hero, eh? You'd probably love my Tombstone series as well. They are on Nook also. You can get them at too. Thanks for the review. maybe someday a bigger publishing house will by my books, but for now I love just being alloed to write stories for healing hearts and not have a publisher edit the life out of my stories. All three of my publishers right now let me be me and don't try to tone down my style. I love that about them.

B. J. Robinson said...

Yes, I really loved these two books. I'm glad you can write without having your style and voice edited out. Know that what really matters is not the size of the publishing house, but that you are making a true difference with your stories in people's hearts and lives and for God. I think your writing, your style, your voice, and your books are great, and I wish I had your agent :) The wave of the future lies in the Kindle and the Nook, so you're ahead of the game with your ebooks. Just keep writing out your heart and soul for God. Blessings,