Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance

Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Fire and Ash by Anne Patrick -- Sifting Ashes

Fire and Ash by Anne Patrick published in July 2010 by Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc. is an award-winning inspirational with a message of faith along with suspense that weaves research about fires realistically. Sadie McGregor teams up with Police Chief Quinn Harrington to investigate a fire that took the life of a local college student in her hometown, Emerald Point, Missouri.

Sadie lost her own family to a fire when she was only seven and has lived with the guilt of causing it. Now, she sifts through the ashes of her own life and tries to make sense of it, since she believes in God, but she doesn't feel she deserves His love and forgiveness. Quinn hopes his own belief and faith message will help her change her mind, because he knows only God can heal her heart and fill that void, but will it happen in time to save their relationship? From politicians to judges, the community is rocked when Sadie puts her own life on the line to find who murdered the girl and tried to cover it up with a fire.

Several young men were interested in Sadie. Can Quinn compete? Can he control his jealousy when it comes to her former boyfriends, especially when one is a rich, handsome politician and one owns a mansion. How can he, a small-town police chief, even compete? Learn about how fires are investigated while you enjoy the twists and turns of this novel and see if you can figure out who the killer is. You might find yourself holding your own breath, but not from smoke and fire. And, if you're a classic car lover, there's a yellow bug and a mustang. The author intermingles a fine tale woven with educational fire research so it doesn't jerk the reader from the story. You'll fall in love with Sadie and Quinn.

Grab yours before the smoke clears at or Amazon or Barnes and Available for all e-readers at a price that won't burn your pockets.


Anne Patrick said...

Hi Barbara,
Thank you so much for the kind review you did on Fire and Ash. I'm thrilled you enjoyed it.


B. J. Robinson said...

Ann, it was my pleasure. I'm glad you stopped in and read the review. I think firefighters and their wives would especially enjoy this novel, though anyone can enjoy the great story. Blessings, BJ