Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance

Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance
Escape to a romantic period where love endured, grew, and flourished despite a Civil War.

Monday, July 25, 2011

August in Montana by Kandi Jaynes

August in Montana by Kandi Jaynes, copyright May 2011, published by Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc. is original, creative, heartwarming, and not your typical horse and dog story. In this beautiful sweet romance, there's a special dog called Mocha for pet lovers and an abused horse. Jerrah Jacobs has spent the past year in her home on the road, a special-built pickup, staying at secluded campgrounds in her endeavor to find solace from the past.

She lands hard for Cal, a rancher, when she strides smack into him, and he knocks her flat in the mud by accident. She's on her way to bring a treat to her dog Mocha, her traveling companion, when the handsome rancher knocks her right into his life and that of his two boys. She's injured and unable to drive her standard clutch pickup with a badly sprained ankle. That truck has been her home, so she's not happy with Cal when he takes her tires off, as well as other parts, to keep her from leaving his ranch until she's fully healed. His brother is the local sheriff, so she gets no help there.

Meanwhile Cal's two boys start calling her Mom, and she finds herself longing for a real home. She teaches an abused horse to trust again, if only it were as easy to teach herself. Ms. Jaynes spins a vivid story of a lonely rancher and his two sons who come to the aid of a lonely woman, but Cal is determined to do more than rescue her from an injury. If it's up to him, he wants to rescue her from her solitary life of a woman alone traveling from one campground to another. But, he can't keep her a stranded prisoner forever, and she wants her truck to leave. Will he be able to persuade her to stay for good, or will she take to the road again? Can she get over her fear of being hurt in time to open her heart to Cal and his two boys, or will she continue to fight her conflicting feelings?

I loved this story because it was unique, creative, and original, and I look forward to reading more novels by Kandi Jaynes. For the originality, creativity, and uniqueness, I give this book five strawberry stars. It's available in all eBook formats and may be purchased from the publisher by clicking on the book cover, where you can read a free excerpt, or you may purchase it for your Kindle at, or your Nook at Barnes and Noble. com. Happy trails to reading!

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Laura Kate Plantation Series Book One by Gerrie Ferris, copyright April 2009 by Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc. features Laura Kate, a journalist who returned home to care for her two cousins. Her attorney is supposed to have completed suicide, but she knows he wouldn't have and finds problems with the evidence. Sparks fly when she meets his business partner, Jack Rhodes, and she's so tempted to fall for him, but can she trust him? He always in the middle of everything. An attempt on her own life makes the case more than a puzzle to her, and a woman she's befriended and tried to help is murdered. Jack makes her nervous, but it's hard to resist his southern charm.

I loved this novel because it kept me in suspense about the killer, and I love romance and suspense. I hated to see the woman who was killed be such an easy target and leave a daughter behind because she was so in love with being in love. It made her careless prey. The part about dog fights lead to more suspense. The author did a fine job of using red herrings to make the reader try to figure out who done it. I enjoy such puzzles, so I give the author five strawberry stars. If you like suspense with your romance, you'll enjoy this novel. Her description is vivid and enables the reader to picture the scenes.


Gerrie Ferris Finger said...

Barbara what a fine review, so true of the book and you saw what is so heart-breaking about Hannah - so in love with being in love, she became a victim.
Thank you very much.

B. J. Robinson said...

Gerrie, so glad you liked the review because I loved the book. Blessings for success, BJ