Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance

Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance
Escape to a romantic period where love endured, grew, and flourished despite a Civil War.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Revelation Gate by Brian Thompson: Three Beautiful Love Stories in One!!!!

The Revelation Gate by Brian Thompson is divided into three parts and tells the sweetest love story of them all in a new way, available as a beautiful paperback or in eBook format, published by Great Nation Publishing, copyright June 7, 2011. In Part I, reading is a challenge due to the names of the characters, description, and bloodlines. It reminded me of the beginning of the Bible, the best book in the world.

Once past the first part of Part I, the storyline begins to envelope you in not one, but three beautiful love stories. Isoke and Chimelu's is that of a mother and son and show even separation for many years didn't break the bonds of love. Lusala is a young girl who loves Chimelu, but he's forbidden to return that love and has to resist the temptation. I love Chimelu's special touch with Lusala that forever changes her life even though he has to refrain from returning her love, at least in the manner in which she desires. Chimelu's love and faithfulness to his one and only God is the third love story, a story so profound it changes the lives of his people forever.

Rich with detail, it's obvious that Thompson spent much time with his creative endeavor, for The Revelation Gate is the greatest love story of them all spun in a new method and brings glory to Jesus Christ. I truly enjoyed reading it and found the romance between Lusala and Chimelu believable, beautiful, and sad, since the one man she could ever love was unable to return her love. But when you think about it, He's the one person who loves unconditionally and never forsakes you. He loved her with his heart, soul, and spirit and that was enough for her in the end, so don't miss the greatest love story ever told in a new way. It's available at Amazon and Barnes and I rate this novel a four-star review because of the slow hook in the beginning, but the remainder of the book and the ending is worth it, so grab it, hang with it, and don't give up on these beautiful love stories that come together to make the greatest love story ever told.

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