Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance

Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance
Escape to a romantic period where love endured, grew, and flourished despite a Civil War.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Last Resort by B. J. Robinson: Get Inside Faith Grace Roussell's Head Faith Grace Roussell, what a character! September 8, 2012. Dear Diary, I was so happy to be home again until that stone came flying in the back kitchen window with an attached note. Words cut from a newspaper or magazine and glued to it made me shiver, so I grabbed the phone and dialed Matt's cell. Alarm blaring, Sunflower tucked her tail between her legs and hid underneath the kitchen table while I clutched my chest and held my breath until I heard pounding at the back door.

I vowed no man would turn my head, and I'd hide my heart so deeply in Christ that to find me a man would have to find him first. But can I keep that vow and lean on Matt? Will the true hidden treasures in God's Word be enough to keep me on the straight and narrow? I'm just a woman. Lord, I'm being stalked. All I wanted was a life of peace and contentment. Is that too much to ask after Fred? And Matt, his eyes could melt the ice-maiden barrier I've built around my heart as a fortress. They're like magnets, and I could get as lost in them as in unknown woods. What's a woman to do? Would he prove to be a helpmate, or just another strawberry cull like Fred? I didn't dream I'd continue to be pursued. I've lived through shattered dreams and nightmares. There's only one place I can turn. There's only one last resort.

Watch the book trailer. Another dream is shattered when the safe haven of the old family home and the backdrop of a strawberry farm turns dangerous. Read a free excerpt and buy a PDF file to read on your computer. Free samples and rave reviews. Free samples and rave reviews.

Review Excerpts: See the complete reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Good Reads.

B.J. Robinson writes with flair. She manages to incorporate her own love for God in a well-written, romantic, suspense novel.

I immensely enjoyed this sweet romance, filled with suspense and plot twists. I loved Faith, she was not only a believer, but that belief was carried out in her daily life. Through prayer and trusting God, even when she was called to take extreme measures to protect her life and the life of the man she loved. I look forward to reading more wonderful novels from, B. J. Robinson. Dr. Rita Garcia

Wonderful book! Grabs the reader from the very first page. Excellent writing from a new writer, cannot wait to see what her writing future holds.

What a great story! I loved how you drew your readers in so quickly and then constantly threw in twists and turns for them to deal with. Many women deal with losing what they thought was the love of their life to a failed relationship--it's their attitude that determines how they proceed on from there. By letting God lead her through the fiery trials that came her way, and trusting Him in the most difficult of times, Faith found her true destiny in life and love and it was everything she had ever dreamed of. This is a fabulous story of love, real life and how a positive attitude in Christ can lead you through even the most difficult times! I highly recommend it and know you will leave the book feeling inspired and encouraged in your walk in the Lord!

Set in fictional Bridal Wreath, Florida, and Key West, the backdrop of a strawberry farm turns dangerous for Faith, when she's stalked. Will she be forced to use The Pink Lady? Find out today with home delivery in a few minutes. Smoking hot--where will Faith be when the smoke clears and will Faith and Matt's love survive? Five-star reviews on Amazon and B&N. Both men and women readers. Free sample.

She's pursued by an ex-fiancé, shattered dreams, an awesome God, and a cowboy farmer. There's only one place she can turn . . . .There's only one last resort
Here's what one reader had to say: You will absolutely love Last Resort. The characters will pull you in and make you part of their world. B.J. Robinson weaves in faith in a way that will catch you off guard as you connect the dots and apply it to your own life. I did not want Last Resort to end. I recommend it with confidence and can't wait to see what is on the horizon for this new novelist.

Last Resort is a 79,000 word woman-in-jeopardy novel that tells the story of Faith Grace Roussell, who escapes an abusive fiancé and endeavors to start a new life filled with peace and contentment. She returns to her family home to farm strawberries only to discover it's not the safe haven she hoped it'd be when the backdrop of the berry farm suddenly turns dangerous. The ones she thought would welcome her want her gone, but she vows to stand firm. Will Matt's love survive?

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Dora Hiers said...

Great job, B.J. Don't you love looking at a character from a different perspective? I enjoyed this diary entry.

Shawneda Marks said...

Thanks for partying with us today. Your Faith looks like an interesting woman.

B. J. Robinson said...

Thanks Dora and Shawneda for dropping in. Yes, it's fun looking at a character from a different perspective, Dora. Blessings, BJ

Rita Garcia said...

Loved the diary entry! Looooved reading Last Resort! Hugs!

B. J. Robinson said...

Thanks, Rita. I'm so glad to know you enjoyed Last Resort. Blessings, BJ

Tracy Krauss said...

I actually started reading the book recently so now this entry make seven more sense!

B. J. Robinson said...

Hi Tracy, Thanks for stopping by and glad you're reading Last Resort :) Just wait until you get to those ending chapters and scenes. Blessings, BJ