Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance

Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

B. J. Robinson's Top Books of 2011

I've read many great authors and novels this year, but the ones listed below are my top picks and the ones that stayed with me:

TOP PICKS: THE GREEN VEIL and THE RED FURY by NAOMI MUSCH, Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.
3. No Other Shawna K. Williams
4. In All Things Shawna K. Williams
5. The Good Fight Shawna K. Williams
6. Orphaned Hearts Shawna K. Williams, Desert Breeze
7. Burning Hearts, Nike Chillemi, Desert Breeze
8. Sterling Lakes Book One Light of the Heart, Regina Andrews
9. Fire and Ash, Anne Patrick, Desert Breeze
10. Delivery, Diana Pursik
11. Night of the Cossack, Tom Blubaugh

Nike Chillemi also published Goodby Noel with Desert Breeze, but I haven't had time to read it yet. Prettiest cover I've seen all year, and I'll know the book will be as lovely as the cover.

Naomi, Shawna, Nike, and Ann are author's I'll always read,favorite ones I discovered through Desert Breeze Publishing Inc. Discover yours.

There were many other great novels I read, but having to narrow the list, these are the ones that stayed with me after I finished the book.

Some favorite authors from the past, books I remember from reading several years ago that have still stayed with me include:

Dogwood by Chris Fabry
All She Ever Wanted by Lynn Austin (my favorite)
Eva Marie Everson's novels Things Left Unspoken, This Fine Life, and her Cedar Key series

Check out my publisher's storefront and find some new favorite authors of your own. If you received an eReader or iPad, iPod, or Smartphone for Christmas take advantage of wonderful books and authors at less expensive prices. The covers are beautiful. Desert Breeze covers can't be beat. Travel to other worlds through great books and go places you may never get to experience in real life. Meet new characters and escape to their worlds when you want to escape your own for a while. Relax, kick back, and enjoy a great read. Blessings for a New Year of great, enjoyable reading. Let this be the year you read more than ever and make your own favorite list at the end of 2012.


Naomi Musch said...

Barb, you're the sweetest! Thank you so much!

Naomi Musch said...

Barb, you are the sweetest! Thank you so much!

B. J. Robinson said...

Naomi, just being honest, and your books both deserve it. Both are well written in depth and detail and evoke reader emotions. Loved them both and can't wait for the next one! Blessings, BJ

Diana Prusik said...

I am so honored, Barbara! I'm glad Delivery stayed with you after you finished it. I look forward to reading other titles on your list. Happy reading, happy writing, and have a blessed new year,y friend!

B. J. Robinson said...

Diana, Thanks for stopping by. I loved Delivery. I have read so many books this year and these are the ones I remember the most. CJ Darlington also had one I should have listed. I loved both of hers, but I read one of them last year. I think I did read one this year, too, though. Love her books, too. Blessings, BJ

tomynate said...

Barbara, Thank you very much. I am honored and humbled.'


Tom Blubaugh, Author
Night of the Cossack

B. J. Robinson said...

Tom,well-deserving. Great book for YA, especially boys. Blessings, BJ

Nike Chillemi said...

Thx so much for your kind words.Glad BURNING HEARTS touched you.

Your LAST RESORT touched me.

Happy, healthy, prosperous New Year to you and yours. :)

B. J. Robinson said...

Thanks, Nike. Glad Last Resort touched you. I'm looking forward to Goodbye Noel, too. Blessings, BJ