Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance

Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance
Escape to a romantic period where love endured, grew, and flourished despite a Civil War.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Southern Superstitions by B. J. Robinson

Author B. J. Robinson was reared on strawberries, God's Word, and southern superstitions. While you've probably heard traditional superstitions like walking under a ladder and opening an umbrella inside a house is bad luck, June's mother in this novel has some you've probably never heard of. I'm sure you've heard black cats are bad luck. Well, Myrtle, her mother thinks so. You'll encounter a black cat and a white one during the course of this story, and you'll discover some silly superstitions along the way. June believes in God's Word, not luck or superstitions, but her mother is a different story. Is there any changing her mind?

This novel was written over a decade ago, reworked, and rewritten to become a brand new story with an entirely different ending. Take a trip down South into the Louisiana swamps and bayous and decide for yourself. Do you believe in southern superstitions?

Prayer versus Southern superstitions when a woman's husband mysteriously disappears in the swamp on a deer-hunting trip. As steamy as the hot, thick, sticky heat of Louisiana, this page-turner will keep readers in suspense, as the author spins a tale of love, loss, superstition, pain, heartache, and faith in God. Reviewer Kathy Boswell says, "Very good! She never gives up hope that Andy will return to her someday. She puts it all in God's hands like she'd done every crisis in her life. She knows He will take care of this for her." God and the power of prayer versus Southern superstitions. Through belief, faith, hard work, the power of prayer, and God's help, this powerful, moving story is a thought-provoking Christian romantic suspense about a young couple who fall in love, but have to change her mother's mind in more ways than one, if their relationship is to survive. Can Andy convince June there's more to their relationship than friends? Will he win the approval of Myrtle, her mother, and can love survive strawberry season and an April flood? Will June be able to give Andy a child? View book trailer here.

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Unknown said...

It sounds a fascinating story Barbara. Strangely enough in England black cats are considered good luck especially if one crosses your path. We were given a toy black cat on ribbons for good luck at our wedding - we've been married nearly 29 years so I think it worked!

B. J. Robinson said...

Thanks for stopping by. Funny how things that are bad luck in one area are good luck in another. After 29 years, I'd say it worked. I've never heard of giving toy black cats for good-luck gifts :) Blessings, Barb