Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance

Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance
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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Beach Boys Concert Last Night

We saw the Beach Boys in concert last night. Two of the original ones are still playing, and they gave us our money's worth. They sang for two hours. We really enjoyed them and took lots of pictures.

I looked back through old pictures/old family memories and treasures today. Some pictures were from a Christmas at my daughter's house, and some were from last summer when we went together to visit Rosedown Plantation in Louisiana. We had such fun. It was a happy day spent with my children and grandchildren. Making memories to turn the pages of time is important. One day those old pictures and old memories will be all they have. Sometimes I find myself looking at old pictures of my mother and sister. Making memories makes pictures in the mind without film or camera, the kind nothing can take away.

Even in these hard economic times, it's important to make those kinds of memories.


kimberly.reck said...

I remeber Rosedown Plantation. It was a beautiful day to see such an amazing site. Todd had the chance to meet everyone that day also. I love you Maw-maw.

-Kimberly & Todd Reck

Barbara J. Robinson said...

Kim, I love you, too, and I'm so glad we had such a blessed day for family memories. God bless. Love and prayers, Ma Ma