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Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Raining on the River

I look at the picture from last June and remember how it rained when we were camping, but the river was still beautiful. I know why I've always loved natural water like the river and the ocean so much. It flows freely. I've been reading Beth Moore again. I loved her book Believing God. Now, I'm reading Breaking Free. God makes Himself known through the glory He created. I understand why I love looking at water and sky. They both declare God's glory. Mountains, beautiful woods, streams, lakes, have all made me feel free and closer to God. I enjoy God's presence in all He created. It's no wonder I love nature.

My idea of resting, relaxing, being restored, and renewed has always been through enjoying peaceful scenes and nature. I realize this has brought me peace and renewal because I took my quiet time with God and enjoyed HIS presence. I drew closer to God and felt closer to Him.

I look at this picture of a rainy day last summer and miss being able to gaze out upon that river with the raindrops dotting its surface. Instead, I have to settle for the raindrops dotting the surface of our swimming pool this summer, and it's not the same. But, I thank God for the blessed rainy summer day of 2008 when I captured this picture and a memory in my heart of Summer 2008. I thank Him for all the blessings in my life. Most of all, I thank Him for His unconditional love and for sending His only son to save me.

I have a personal relationship with God, so I know Him, love Him, and believe Him. God has made Himself known to me through his glory. I look all around me and see Him everywhere. I find satisfaction in God and in His Word, the Bible. I know His Word is our instruction manual for an abundant, productive, blessed life. I have experienced God's peace many times throughout my life when the storms of life have tried to wash me away. Like a rock, I held on to God and His Word, and I've enjoyed God's presence so many times. I've felt the gift of the Holy Spirit wash over me, and I realized though my earthly father died when I was four years old on Christmas Day, I've always had my Heavenly Father. He never leaves or forsakes me. Thank you God for always being there for me. Jesus is my best friend, and I'm glad to have a friend I can always believe in and count on.

May God bless you and yours. My heartfelt wish for you is to have a close,loving relationship with your creator. Such a relationship brings so many benefits. Peace of mind is only one. Beth Moore talks about five in Breaking Free, and she also discusses five obstacles that can keep you from obtaining those five benefits. I love reading her books and have gained so much understanding from them.

Remember, even if it is a rainy summer day, God is showing Himself to you through His glory. My eyes only have to look at the picture to realize the beauty and treasure the memory of the peace and content that fell with each raindrop. Be blessed.


kimberly.reck said...

I know what you mean. I love being so close to the ocean. I miss living in our 1st apartment when all I had to do it walk out on our balcony and I could see the ocean view.

I also miss all of the woods and rivers back home. I use to go sit by lee's landing river and put my feet in. I love the out doors and watching God's creatures do their own thing.

Barbara J. Robinson said...

Girl, you had it made in your first apartment with a view I've always longed for. I'd never given that up until I had to. Talk about the perfect writing spot for inspiration. I'd loved it. I told your mom, when she told me about it, that you were soooo lucky. I've longed for such a view all of my life and would love to have a home on the water, even a camp, a log cabin, an A-frame. I wouldn't care. A smaller version of Rosedown with surrounding woods, or a home on the water are my dreams. If I had the Rosedown dream, I'd have a pond or build it overlooking a lake. Dream on, as they say :). I'd love to have an ocean-front view, except in the case of a hurricane. I guess there's a downside :). Love ya,