Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance

Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance
Escape to a romantic period where love endured, grew, and flourished despite a Civil War.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fudge-Laced Felonies by Cynthia Hickey
Fudge Laced Felonies is the first novel in the Summer Meadows series of three. I loved the first two and can't wait to read the third. This one is only 99 cents at right now, so jump on it!

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From the lead, “I marched into church on Sunday – not to search for God, but to find a killer,” spunky heroine Summer Meadows captures your heart with humor even in the darkest situations, as you journey with her to solve a diamond mystery. A light, easy read, this page turner takes you into the Ozark foothills. Set in a small town, Summer owns a candy store and is up to her wrists in chocolate, when she’s not knee deep in trouble playing detective.

Hooked from the lead, I was riveted in the mystery and completed the novel in several readings. When interrupted, I couldn’t wait to return to Summer’s world of chocolate, diamonds, and mystery.

Rich with fresh similes and metaphors, readers savor a taste of Southern grit as two handsome men compete for Summer’s attention, but only one of them truly loves her. She must decide between Man of God, Ethan, with rough, working hands, or smooth-talking Nate with hands softer than her own. Nate says all the right things while Ethan teases like a childhood friend, leading Summer to believe that he thinks of her as a sister. Then there’s beautiful Terri Sue who once dated Ethan and attempts to pick up where she left off. Summer knows her natural beauty can’t complete with her store-bought façade.

Summer is down-to-earth, but feisty. Used to being in control, she has to learn to let God guide her steps and relinquish control to the One who can make an eternal difference in her life. She’s a Christian who attends church every Sunday, but grows in her faith through her struggles and learns to depend on God to see her through.

Have you ever treasured your flower garden and thought it worth gold? Summer’s rose garden is worth a small fortune in cash and diamonds, and she must solve the mystery of who killed her prized rose bush before she ends up a dead summer flower.

Candy-Coated Secrets is the second book in the Fudge-Laced Felonies series – Heartsong Presents. If you love humor and mystery entwined, snag both books for great summer reads. See for more information. ISBN-978-1-60260-181-9, $6.95 paperback, 244 pages, 22 chapters of love and mystery.

If you need bookmarks, check out Cindy's site! For fun cozy mysteries and riveting romantic suspense, check out her Summer Meadows mysteries.

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