Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance

Amazon Best-selling Historical Romance
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Monday, June 23, 2008

How do you Know You're Called to Write a Certain Book?

That's a question I've often heard asked, or how do you know if you're called to write for God? The first question is probably a little easier to answer. If you're called to write a certain book, it won't go away. It keeps kocking on the doors of your mind, and I have a few that keep knocking. I've written short articles about some of them and even started a book on one. I may need to turn those short articles or short stories into novels. Some are very important to me and are part of my story, my testimony.

I have given my writing to God and prayed that He'll use it to help others, to reach out, uplift, and encourge others. I feel he has called me to write what I write because He has placed that God-given desire and inspiration within my heart. He gives me my dreams and heart's desires. It is up to Him, His will, not mine, how He uses my writing, but I pray that He uses it to further His kingdom. If my short stories, articles, poems, books, or devotionals can reach out and make a difference for someone else, that's reason enough to write. My writing is a way to share my heart and soul and life's experiences, hoping others will come to know Jesus as their best friend and enjoy the same personal relationship I have with Him.

I watched Home Improvement last night on TV, and the show really touches my heart every time I watch it, but last night's show really impacted me. I have written about the topic in a short form titled Sometimes Being Strong Means Letting Go. I had the beginnings of this story for a long time, and I recently completed it as a Long Ridge student. It needed fleshing out and was too short before I reworked it. This story is one of many of which I've written that really hits home and is like a personal testimony for me. The woman in last night's story didn't make it out. It's a hard choice, a hard topic, and so many women feel they're caught, because they're doomed if they stay and doomed if they don't. The woman of last night's story tried to get out. She had the guts and courage to try to build a better life for herself. I admire her for doing so. I thank God that her children are being cared for and have a nice new home after all they've been through. Their memories will haunt them forever, as will the material God places on my heart and calls me to write. God, if it be your will, let these stories be published and told and let my voice be heard through my writing as a way to help others.


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